About us

Glitz Business Solutions is an IT company started way back in 1999. Healthcare professionals were seeking for a simple, interactive system to continuously educate staff and create overall productivity at their healthcare facility. Priorities were to manage patients journey by being able to access patients records as well as have a meaningful and transparent discussion with their patients. EMR requirement, especially for clients who want to achieve higher EMRAM score became a critical business need, corporate financials, inventory and finally connectivity with all devices through iOT technology in the healthcare facility emerged. These requirements snowballed into what is today the SOLLEVI range of solutions to cater for hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies across the world. Our desire is to provide value and ease of use to our clients. In this regard, our solutions are available in client/server, web and on the cloud with mobile applications where required. We collaborate with our clients to identify what creates value for them, share domain knowledge and finally get to a desired stage through our consulting team.


Hospital Management ERP Solution, capable of managing Single or Multi speciality hospital activities, developed using the best user experience over the last 19 years. Sollevi Hospital is a one stop solution, 100% paperless environment beyond the EMR strategy for your organization, connecting all operations and devices, financials and inventory management and reporting.


A complete patient care continuum system to handle a single or multi facility. Manage your patient’s journey to the clinic, from input to organizing notes. Maintain complete Patient EMR, interactivity between nurses, doctors and patients, analyse, search drugs database, mobile app access, inventory management, medical billing and claims.


Sollevi Pharma enables you to spend more quality time with your patients, while automating your pharma business. Sollevi Pharma can be integrated with most prescription systems or packing management system, enhancing patient care. Our inventory solution helps real-time inventory tracking, order generation and receive, solidifying your pharma operations.


BizPulse is a business financial management solution which records all financial activity within an organization. It is a unique software for Inventory, Invoicing and Business Accounting. BizPulse is highly customisable and deployed on the web. It is perfectly suited for all types of businesses such as manufacturing, hospitals, retailers, wholesale, textiles, supermarkets, hypermarkets etc.


BizForce is a simple and efficient online system for companies to manage and track every aspect of their employee care and lifecycle. It helps reduce the workload of HR and other stakeholders. Interact with performance review, training needs, salary, income tax submission, leave, claims and at the same provides a dashboard view based on individual preferences.


BizForward is an innovative and powerful web application for warehousing and logistics companies. It has the ability to control cargo receipt, storage and delivery. The freight forwarder will get real-time data on location of shipment, allowing them to prepare documentation and plan the route. Customers of freight forwarders can receive real time updates regarding their cargo.