About Us



About Glitz Solutions

Redefining Digital Transformation is in the core of our vertical businesses. We are committed to providing value targeted solutions to as many organizations as possible. Our current head office is in Singapore. 19 years in the industry with more than 300 over customers  worldwide, we are determined to provide every business an opportunity to leverage the power of digital transformation and improve business efficiency and profitability.

Our Mission To Get High

We want to improve competitiveness and create efficiency for our client’s business by enabling them to take advantage of the many benefits of digital transformation, through our state-of-the-art software applications and industry expertise. Businesses do not see return of investment from the get-go. Our on-going objective is to provide top notch solutions at an affordable price to enable businesses to realize the benefits of digital transformation sooner. Our engagement model is to listen to our clients and to make them part of the whole digital transformation experience.

Our Vision To Make Real

To be the “first response” business solutions provider to guide our customers through their digital business transformation process. We want to be the thought leader in the industry to show companies that digital transformation is not just a fashion statement but a strategy to truly create value, increased profitability and productivity for their organization to stay competitive.