Employee Journey Management

BizForce is a comprehensive and yet effective online system for employers to manage and track every aspects of employee life cycle. BizForce manages information of employee from the time they are recruited till they leave the company. The system provides Reports and Dashboards which shows all scenarios of the system to the HR and management. The solution can manage any type of employment, job roles, leave, salary, tax as well as appraisals and incidents. It provides easy tools for monitoring and Analysing through dashboards for quick view to reports.

It is a web-based application that provides real time data and reports. BizForce includes following features. It is a cloud-based system which can be installed within your office and accessible via a browser. Safe without any connection to the internet and external hacks.

It delivers the human resource e planning to management with all aspects related to employees including complex requirements such as taxes, benefits, shifts, overtime, company specific working hours, off site work and others. It will also be configured to meet standards needed by any local authorities and bureau in ASEAN and worldwide.

It provides task and HRM health information in a dashboard and reports. More flexible as it gives ability for varies business processes to be configured to fit the user and management.

Local backup for data, so there is no chance for data lose. Protected again external exposure as BizForce will be install within company firewall.


The robustness and capabilities of BizForce includes:

  • An intuitive design and log in screen.


  • Manage different types of Employments like Contract staff, Roll staff, etc.


  • Employee Management
    • Easy view list and edit
    • Qualification and experience list
    • Family details with dependents list
    • Documents and photographs
    • Service History list
    • Bank details for payment related activities


  • Shift Management
  • Off day Management
  • Easy Attendance Marking using Matrix
  • Leave Approval and Management System
    • Leave Balance and Leave Carry Forward
    • Long Leaves
  • Holiday list


  • Minimum wages
  • Pay Elements
    • Basic Pay
    • DA
    • Holiday Wages
    • PF contributions
    • ESI contributions
    • Leave Salary
    • Salary Advance
    • Other deductions
  • Arrear Management
  • Pay slip formulas
  • Salary Hold and Release feature
  • Detailed log for all transactions
  • Role based access to all features
  • Simplified User Management
  • Neat and simple reports
    • Salary Statement
    • Salary Summary report
    • Branch wise reports
    • Salary Statements to Banks for electronic fund transfer
    • Allocations such as for BIR, SSS, PHIC, HDMF, adhoc loans and others where needed.
  • Notices and e-message board
  • Appraisal & Rating system

Outcomes and benefits of BizForce

  • Features a modular design, which allows the management to add functional applications when they required
  • Enable employees to have visibility into their record, incidents, status and career advancements where required.
  • Ability to catch issues in reports and make necessary changes where and when required.
  • Dashboard for management and division heads to monitor progress and staff availability.
  • Ability to automate, shift hours, record adhoc loans, manage internal and external HR cost, ability to record attendance via any device such as biometric device or access card systems.
  • Automate location tax bureau allocations rather than on spread sheets.
  • Utilize resources more effectively.
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Access information quickly to make decisions.
  • Use browser to access all information at single source.

HR officers can focus on strategic task as opposed to managing spreadsheet which may lead to errors resulting in cost leakages and employee satisfaction.