ERP Solution

BizPulse is a complete Business Management Solution capable of managing all the relevant data of Accounts, Inventory, Sales & Purchase. It provides easy tools for monitoring and Analysing Data with MIS Reports. Rapid Implementation, Analyse, Store and Mine Data, Report and Interact with Data etc. make BizPulse unique.

It is a web-based application so it will gives real time data and reports. BizPulse includes following web features.

  • It is a cloud-based system which can be installed within your office and accessible via a browser.
  • It delivers the Project financing and integrated with all business operations as they occur.
  • It provides projects and business health information in dashboard and reports
  • More flexible as it gives ability for varies business processes to be configured to fit the user and management.
  • Local backup for data, so there is no chance for data lose
  • Users can access, edit and share documents anytime (based on security setup), from anywhere with user access to their own realm of job function.

The functional areas include in BizPulse are;

  • Financial Management for project base resource planning and project profitability monitoring and status.
  • Inventory Management when required for inhouse consumables and asset accountability
  • Human Resource planning and scheduling management

Business Intelligence Reports

BizPulse has all the relevant modules required for the effective management of Business. BizPulse is developed in such a way that all the modules can be implemented independently and on any point of time it can be integrated with other modules. For e.g.Sales & Purchase module in BizPulse can be integrated with Accounts management, so that if any purchase or sales happens corresponding invoice is generated. The format of the reports can be user defined.

BizPulse is a perfect project financing with resources planning functions imbedded into business Accounting for business concerns by keeping effective Sales &Purchase, maintaining a good inventory throughout the sales and generating desired Business intelligence Reports. It provides easy and multi User friendly interface.

Core Modules

1. Accounts Management

BizPulse Financials is an integral part of BizPulse ERP and following are the key features and not limited to complete product functionality.

  1. Flexible Classification of Chart of Accounts
    • It gives you great flexibility in setting up your chart of accounts. It allows you to change the group of ledger accounts at any time. Your reports and statements reflect the desired classification at all times.
  2. Accounts Receivables & Payables
    • Easily manage the working capital by controlling the cash flow and outstanding.
  3. Integrated with Purchase and Sales
    • It is an ERP system which automatically integrates all financial activities to accounts module. So there is no need of any re-entry of purchase and sales activities on accounts.
  4. Integrated with project by project level financials
    • Ability to simulate project resource planning and profitability based on your historical data to prepare for proposal.
    • Ability to allocate resources, once project is won and track each project/group performance.
    • Have timing self service report for management review.
    • A project base decision-making tool to better financial management and improved bottom line.
  5. Journal & Contra Voucher Entry and Approval
    • Reviewing and Posting Journal Entries for Voucher Transactions.
    • Approval
  6. Credit Management
    • Credit purchase and sales allowed.
    • Bill wise settlement is used to handle full or partial settlement of these credits.
    • Aging reports are also provided for credit management.
  7. Bank and Reconciliation
    • Proper handling of multiple bank accounts with sufficient details
    • Keeps your bank books in synchronize and identify unclear instruments
    • Custom Configured Cheque Printing
  8. Tax Management
    • Automatic tax calculation(VAT) and posting through document management
    • Additional taxes(cess) calculation can easily managed
  9. Standard & Custom Reports
    • It provides all standard reports including final account statements.

2. Inventory Management (Is available in the package and can be used for internal consumables)

Inventory Application has been designed for the purpose of maintaining the stock details within the organization. Details of items, their price, the stock position, their suppliers’ details, their issue details, their receipt details are stored and updated using this application. Simply and rapidly handles invoicing, stock management and many more along with customer details via more interactive, user friendly interface.

Inventory application offers a broad and innovative inventory management resolution to synchronizing items, stocks, cumulative productivity of stores, managing sufficient supplies by implanting modular classification for entire processing.

Outcomes and benefits of BizPulse

  • Features a modular design, which allows the management to add functional applications when they required
  • Business ERP with resource planning to monitor and improve project level financials and profitability. Ability to catch issues in reports and make necessary changes where and when required.
  • Dashboard for management and division heads.
  • Utilize resources more effectively.
  • Provides on-going support options, maintenance, and software upgrades
  • Increase service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Access information quickly to make decisions.
  • Provides an effective project level and company wide finance health view and generating desired Business intelligence Reports.